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Explosives, Weapons and Contraband
Our best-selling scanner model 5030, lighter and shorter, it packs all the speed, power and detection capability
into a sub-compact design. Sized for scanning mail, hand carried bags, personal items, clothing and shoes.
The 5030 meets the throughput demands of high-traffic settings. An intuitive and simple operator
interface makes this unit suitable for both security professionals and non-technical personnel.


Physical Details Tunnel size: 500(W) x 300(H) mm. Product dimensions: 2170mm(L)x720mm(W)x1193mm(H). Wooden package dimensions: 1750mm(L)x850mm(W)x1400mm(H). Shipping weight: Net weight: 280 kg. Gross weight: 310 kg. Working temperature: (-20)℃~(+60)℃/Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing. Storage temperature: (-30)℃~(+70)℃/Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing. Power supply: 110~240VAC (-10%~ +20%),50/60±3Hz. Power consumption: < 0.5 kw/h. Certicates: Meets electrical safety and compatibility requirements for CE(EMC Directive~2014/30/EU and LVD Directive~2014/35/EU), ROHS(Directive~2011/65/EU). 14 00 m m 1750mm 850mm X-RAY Generator X-ray tube head: Self-contained. Tube voltage rating: 100 kV(default), can be tailor-made based on requirement. Tube current: 0.2~0.6mA. Cooling/working period: 100% with sealed oil bath cooling. Beam direction: Diagonal from bottom to up (80°beam divergence) X-ray leakage dose: Less than 0.35 μGy / h (5cm distance from any position of the machine). Single scanning x-ray leakage dose: Less than 1 μGy / h. High X-ray leakage protection: Two levels lead curtains to reduce the leakage and protect operators. Inspection Performance Steel penetration: 10 mm typical(Can be customized). Conveyor speed: Approx. 0.22m/s. Conveyor height: 740mm(including the support tray). Wire Resolution: 38 AWG wire,40 AWG(0.0787 mm) typical. Space Resolution: Horizontal Φ 1.0mm;vertical Φ 1.0 mm. Noise: <55dB. Max. Load Weight: 150 kg (331 lbs). Film Safety: Guaranteed for high-speed lm up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN). Options BI-direction(two-direction) scanning. Customized roller shelf. Customized software language(Basic is English). Normal keyboard and industrial keyboard optional. Double layer wooden packages. Detectors The array detector: L-type photo-diode dual energy detector. 16 bit depth. Video 19 inch color LCD monitor, pixel 1280 x 1024 video card. Image grayness level :4096 Image Performance System Auto Soft operating system: Win 7 English version. Standard Functions: High & Low penetration/Super penetration/Organic & in-organic image/local & edge enhancement/zoom in & zoom out/Image resolution/Image storage/ Image management/Black & white image/Gray image /Belt forward & reversal/Marks. Time & date/Power on indicator/Self diagnostic function/System log/Baggage counts/TIP function/ User management. Image storage: 200,000 images can be stored and process continuously. SDD capacity 120 Gb. Real time processing 24 bit. Pull back/forward: 30 images to process. 64x smart zoom: Adjustable zoom preview window. 1-9 image zones, (2x ,4x,8x,16x 32x,64x.) Other Functions: Alarm function: Liquid and high density substances will give audio & indicator alarm with a red frame. Networking function: Can be connected to a dedicated virtual LAN congured tested by the assigned communications subcontractor. Images output: Images can be put out with USB interfaces.


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