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Stainless Steel Remote Control Double Passage Access Control System Full Height Turnstile Gate


  • Model No.: EF-TH7205


  • Housed in a lockable overhead enclosure, the PLC controlled bi-directional mechanism allows one passage per activation, and may be locked or set to free movement in either or both directions.

Access control system:

  • A large mounting pad is fitted to both the entry and exit sides of the frame to allow you to install any type of access controls. These pads feature removable front plates for full cable management.


  • Canopy segments are fitted over both entry lanes, and can be fitted with LED downlights if required.


  • The frame and rotor are fully welded heavy duty steel components for maximum strength and longevity, and the rotor pivots on a sealed roller bearing. The 40mm diameter rotor arms are arranged in a 120° design for easy pedestrian access.


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